Skiing and Wisdom Poems

2 min readFeb 6, 2024

Wisdom’s Threat, Is Expectation Itself

Any skis can look fluid. Tricks get in the way of flow if clumsy. Being flashy, one appears as a token of status; compete in large competitions, climb babelic mountains. Kings and explorers go on conquests to stare down into valleys from peaks, seeking another one that is taller. Going fast as possible down hills; rather savor butter below feet. Which has more time on chairlifts? Going as many days as possible yet not feeling experiences skips timeless absorption outside quantity.

What good is greatness if by striving to become great, vision of what is, is lost; when fumbling, where is your heart? Experts glide down steepest valleys, traverse flats without err, fall without blinking an eye; then if wise back up without losing an ounce of pride.

Know limitations of expertise. Plow into the signposts, endanger pedestrians in a frenzy? Intentions are blurry but an expert can see clearly anyways. Bunny slopes are always options for those without pride. Proof? It proves itself or is forced. Outside of expectation, grace happens through: its beauty, within vigor.

Speedy, timid, spacey: variations vary. For beginners, narrow and fast is perilous; for intermediates, even more perilous. When spacey, wide paths are not always dangerous. Lost in a deep snow, follow slopes down but avoid the thickest depths which could conceal rivers’ abyss. Blame ice patches, but an expert skier knows how to respond unconditionally to conditional ice; intuition’s sharpened, nerves sensitive to friction of grounds without touch. Even ejections are graceful, with more eloquence in every tumble than the reckless’ greatest speeds. Without concept their bodies move in totalizing alignment beyond definitions.

Valuation’s Threat, Is Judgment Itself

When the individual is in discord, the rulers are; when the electors are in discord, the citizens are. When the punishments are cruel, the offenders are; when the offenders become crueler, the punishments become crueler. Defamation of offenders will be seen as inherently valuable, intimidating will be seen as wise teaching, revenge will be defined as justice and perception within will be regulated with words; both in the public square and in the courtroom. Mercy will be seen as great suicide, of society and it’s opponents. Functions will act uniformly to serve these shared interests of nature; that will become justice no matter its intellectual, academic, or constitutionally explicit formation.